Fredrikstad Health Center

Fredrikstad Health Center

Increased patient safety with digital fuses

"The Health Center is fully dependent on everything working, so there is absolutely no room for error."

Morten Hansen,
operations manager at Værste

The new Health Center in Fredrikstad was constructed to meet the health challenges of the future. This raised the bar for protecting electrical installations and paved the way for a complete solution with energy distribution from Eaton.

All health services under the same roof

The Health Center in Fredrikstad has gathered state, municipal and private players in the 21,000 m² building to give residents better and broader health services close to where they live. When carrying out interventions and observations, in addition to use of critical IT systems and machinery, it is particularly important for the Health Center to have a reliable power supply with optimum protection and assurance against unexpected power outages.

"The Health Center is fully dependent on everything working, so there is absolutely no room for error," explains operations manager Morten Hansen of the urban development company Værste.

Breakthrough in fuse boxes

Perhaps the most progressive and successful innovation in the Health Center facilities is Eaton’s unique digital ground fault device. As the sub-contractor for the electrical contractor Totaltek Østfold, Moss Automation was responsible for fitting and installing the Health Center’s main and distribution panelboards. The managing director, Tor Horpestad, says that the digital ground fault device is the solution to many old challenges.

"The xDigital ground fault device indicates incorrect current using LED lights. As these are digital, they do not need to be activated monthly, but simply maintained once a year. It does not stick like conventional circuit breakers and you get optimal operational safety over time with a significant reduction in maintenance," he explains.

xDigital from Eaton

Værste has retained responsibility for maintaining the Health Center. The operations manager commends the progress with fewer faults occurring and lower maintenance requirements.

Light indication allows the tenant or caretaker to check whether something is wrong themselves. They also have the option of calling and telling us what they can see. For example, a yellow light indicates that something may be wrong and we can ask the tenant to troubleshoot the appliances or equipment connected to the circuit,” explains Hansen.

Always lit in the operations room

Moss Automation has also supplied Eaton’s encapsulated busbars, which maintain high voltage and short-circuit protection. And, if a power outage should occur, the patients in the Health Center won’t notice the automatic switch over to the emergency power supply, Eaton’s UPS units. Totaltek and Moss Automation opted for all energy distribution from the same supplier.

“We use Eaton’s products on a daily basis and we know they are good at delivering on large and complex projects. When we use the same supplier in a total solution for energy distribution, we are ensuring tried-and-tested quality in all elements,” says Horpestad.

Satisfied client

The municipality and the private health company Volvat are the biggest tenants, with doctors’ offices, walk-in clinic, hospital, nursing home, and care and rehabilitation facilities among the health services on offer. In 2015, Østfold Hospital will also be setting up an EMS center with eight ambulances, a laboratory, and a blood bank.

“All tenants have experienced different needs, so we have involved them throughout the process. The building is used for various purposes with very stringent requirements for safety, reliability, and quality. The contractor has taken this responsibility to heart in the choice of supplier. The result is an ultra-modern, user-adapted building which people will be able to use for many years,” concludes Hansen.


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