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Medium-voltage (MV) switchgear requires an insulation medium to provide electrical insulation between internal components. Insulation types can vary between switchgear applications and several can be harmful to our environment. Gas insulated switchgear (GIS), in particular, is offered by some manufacturers and differs greatly from Eaton’s MV, air insulated switchgear. Instead of using air and/or solid insulation materials, GIS switchgear has the vacuum interrupter and bus conductors in a sealed housing filled with an insulating gas.

SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) gas, utilized in GIS switchgear, poses environmental concerns. Installing medium-voltage, SF6 insulated switchgear is not consistent with the Sustainability Principles and Greenhouse Gas reduction goals of many leading edge corporations and institutions. The safety and special handling concerns can also raise issues with internal Environmental Health & Safety policies. The installation, operation & maintenance and end of life / recycling concerns associated with medium-voltage GIS switchgear can raise the total cost of ownership and may not be the best value solution.

With a global product portfolio, Eaton has a variety of MV switchgear solutions that utilize environmentally responsible and safety conscious medium-voltage insulation materials. These alternative solutions include air insulated and solid insulated switchgear designs that avoid the use of SF6 gas and can offer a lower total cost of ownership over the complete life cycle of your medium-voltage equipment.

SF6 Free Switchgear:

Medium Voltage Primary Switchgear

  • MMS
  • Power Xpert UX
  • Power Xpert FMX

Medium Voltage Secondary Switchgear

  • Power Xpert FMX
  • Xiria E
  • SVS

Ring Main Units

  • Xiria
  • Magnefix