Pålitelig strømdistribusjon i Russland

Xiria is environmentally friendly and compact. Due to the limitied space we were facing, this was extremely important.
- Aleksej Aleksandrowitsch Senin ALMI General Director

Russia is one of the company’s key markets: in 2011, the Group’s management voted to build the company’s first facility of its own in Russia. Since 2012, Danieli Group’s subsidiary in Russia - Danieli Volga - has been overseeing the construction of its facility in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. It is slated to be up and running in the first quarter of 2014.

A diverse group of suppliers has been involved in the project. The task of powering the new facility was accomplished by ALMI Electrotechnical Company, Eaton’s official partner in Russia. It provides excellent support in enterprise electrical infrastructure development and a full line of engineering services, including power supply design development and electrical installation work involving voltages of up to 110 kV, as well as power equipment servicing.

For this project, ALMI had to provide Danieli Volga’s new plant with an effective power supply system, and more specifically, a reliable power distribution system that would allow for the highest possible level of safety during production. Despite the statistical rarity of production accidents caused by electrical equipment failure, just one such occurrence could have devastating consequences for a plant.

A widespread problem is the occurrence of short circuits through internal arcs that are accompanied by burning, an abrupt increase in temperature and pressure inside the device, incandescent gas emissions, and blinding light. Such events can cause severe damage to equipment, injury to personnel, long power supply outages, and an ensuing production downtime. In order to avoid the risk of such failures, Danieli Volga chose a switchgear unit whose design features bring the probability of internal arcing to an absolute minimum.

Besides the need to ensure operational safety and a high level of reliability, ALMI had yet another task: the distributor was to be installed in a confined space, and so compact dimensions were a mandatory requirement.

After a thorough study of commercially available solutions, ALMI engineers decided to go with Eaton equipment: among the devices taken into consideration, only Eaton’s compact Xiria switchgear with combined air and solid insulation met the Technical Committee’s requirements regarding design features and overall dimensions. Danieli Volga engineers and representatives from both Rostekhnadzor and local electrical power networks made the decision to install two four-panel Xiria monoblocks with rated voltage of 6 kV.

Xiria switchgears are designed for use in medium-voltage systems and stand out for their high level of operational safety. In addition, these are some of the most compact medium voltage switchgears in their class, which was also extremely important in this project due to the limited space allocated for the complete Danieli Volga transformer substation.

All of the Xiria’s primary parts and mechanisms are maintenance-free and enclosed in a steel housing filled with dry air that is hermetically sealed for its entire service life.

The compact dimensions and lack of SF6 gas allow Xiria units to be successfully employed in various kinds of compact transformer substations and installed at the base of wind turbines. The decision to not use SF6 gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions has substantially increased the environmental friendliness of the switchgear and lowered the total cost of ownership.

What was important for Danieli Volga was that the device’s design should provide “visual clearance”, i.e. the ability to visually monitor not only the position of the interrupter, but also the position of the earth contact/change-over switch. The visible clearance, requisite quantity of mechanical and electrical locks, and system of capacitive voltage detectors all ensure maximum operational safety and prevent errors on the part of personnel.

Xiria switchgear uses only vacuum interrupters. A distinctive feature of the vacuum units is their diffusional arc suppression, by which an arc is broken up into many low-energy charges. The surface of the main contacts is made of a copper and chrome alloy, reducing the probability of overvoltage during commutation.

Other benefits of the Xiria include its wide range of operating temperatures thanks to being completely SF6 free.

“Its ability to operate in even the lowest temperatures was of great help to us in the first stage of project implementation: it’s worth noting that the switchgears were installed at the facility during the winter and in rooms that were still unfinished and had heightened levels of construction dust and humidity. Despite the difficult conditions in which it was commissioned, the Xiria switchgear was successfully installed and continues to operate to this day without any complaints. This demonstrated the practical advantages of this kind of equipment and once again convinced both us and Danieli Volga’s technical specialists that we made the right decision,” explained ALMI General Director Alexei Senin.

Thanks to the installation of Eaton-supplied Xiria distributors, Danieli Volga’s new machinebuilding plant in the Nizhny Novgorod Olbast now has a reliable power distribution system that has made it possible to substantially reduce the risk of failure and ensure safety for both personnel and the entire production chain.

The particularly compact size of the solution Eaton proposed allowed ALMI specialists to carry out the project exactly according to specification despite the confined area allocated for the new enterprise’s complete transformer substation.

“It’s no secret that Russia is a crucial market in the metallurgy industry. That’s why we aimed for maximum results when planning our first plant in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and accepted no compromises when it came to having reliable equipment and technologies at each segment of the production process. And when it came to the power distribution system, we chose the Eaton Xiria, and have no regrets. The Xiria stands out not only for its environmental friendliness and operational safety, but also for its compactness, which was extremely important considering our limited space,” explains Danieli Volga’S Chief Power Engineer Alexei Perevezentsev.